A New Development on the Horizon in Big Cove

A New Development on the Horizon in Big Cove

Change is a constant, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of real estate development. The quiet community of Big Cove, nestled just outside Huntsville, AL, is on the brink of witnessing a significant transformation. Cove Monkey, alongside Grow Cove, is here to share the latest news about an upcoming development that might soon grace the landscape.

Origins and Inspiration

At the heart of this development is Tom Drake, the owner of the land that is poised for this new endeavor. Upon meeting with Tom Lowe from T2 Capital Management, and Paul Matheney from Matheney Goldmon, the two made it clear that Mr. Drake wishes for this new development to be a benefit to the community. The driving force behind the inspiration for the project is drawn from Providence, located on the other side of town as you approach Madison on Highway 72. If you haven’t visited the quaint area we highly recommend it! With numerous eateries, bars, and shops, you can easily spend an afternoon exploring the community core area and driving around the neighborhood!

Expertise Behind the Vision

UDA is developing the project. You might recognize this company as the one which did the work on Mid City and the Ledges projects.

A Community-Centric Design

Central to the development's philosophy is a community core that embraces the diversity of modern lifestyles. The project envisions a mixture of multi-family units, branching out to single-family homes. This approach acknowledges the varying preferences of residents and their unique requirements for comfortable living spaces.

Connecting with Nature

The community's appreciation for the outdoors is reflected in the plan to possibly integrate with the Land Trust trails. This potential connection not only encourages a healthy and active lifestyle but also highlights the effort to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Solid Infrastructure

Anticipating the needs of the future, there will be infrastructure work that must take place in advance of any groundbreaking. Big Cove Road will be widened to add a lane that goes straight across Sutton as well as turning lanes in each direction. Lowe says infrastructure work could possibly begin in the summer of 2024 once the land is annexed into the city of Huntsville and the plans are approved.

Enhancing Recreation and Connectivity

The proposed development does include recreation! Plans include the incorporation of pickleball courts, pocket parks, walking trails, a stream, and more to provide spaces for relaxation and activity.

Traffic Considerations

With growth comes the need for enhanced traffic management. One of the project's potential features is the addition of a traffic signal.

Residential Plots and Open Spaces

Spread over 92 acres, the development will have a high number of home plots which include multi-family housing as well as single-family housing of various sizes. The homes will be built in phases and there is no set number of phases at this time.  The current design has 21 acres dedicated to open spaces.

Retail and Annexation Plans

The proposed development integrates commercial spaces, with approximately 73,000 square feet earmarked for retail establishments. As far as what types of retail stores we can expect- that is yet to be determined but they say there will be a “wishlist” determined and every effort will be made to bring in quality merchants and restaurants that will increase the standard of living for those in the cove community.

As we stand on the precipice of this potential transformation, it's essential to remain well-informed and engaged. Cove Monkey is here to keep you updated on this development's progress, ensuring that you have all the facts to form your own perspective on this forthcoming change. Stay tuned for more information as we continue to follow this journey closely.


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