Become a Cove Monkey Sponsor

Become a Cove Monkey Sponsor



We're a community business trying to keep the Big Cove area connected and informed about news,events, and updates. We highlight different activities in the Cove and like to meet the organizationsand individuals behind them. We're hoping to really make an impact in the communities in the Cove,and it all starts with the stakeholders - the businesses and residents that are a part of it.


We've created various monthly marketing packages just for you. As a supporter, you'll get defined recognition from our business, in varying forms of social media, website, and community outreach. There are no contracts, so marketing can end at any time.

These marketing packages will allow business owners, as well as other community stakeholders, to enable us to further our mission to provide smart growth and strategic awareness for our little space over the mountain. 

Get your name out there today!!! 


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