Discover the Cove

Discover the Cove

When you first take the beautiful drive into the Cove, you feel a sense of calm that only a smaller town gives you. That was my impression when we moved here three years ago. I found a new place to call home.

The people who live here love it, and we’re proud of its growth and progress. At the same time, it remains a smaller town and we are comforted by the sense of security.

Of course, we in the Cove aren’t lacking in things to do and great places to go eat! There is a long list of playgrounds, parks, shops and restaurants, all right here. Yet it never feels overdeveloped and has peaceful views of the mountains. Just over those mountains is a short drive to downtown Huntsville and Jones Valley.

It’s a unique place to live and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Content and Photo by: Caitlin Moore


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