Anaheim Chili ❤ Girl Scout Cookies

Anaheim Chili ❤ Girl Scout Cookies

Friday is Valentine's Day! There's no greater pairing than when a dish finds its true match reflected back in dessert form. And in Jones Valley, Anaheim Chili and Girl Scout Cookies go together astoundingly!

The classic Home-Style Chili is matched perfectly with a few Trefoil cookies for dessert. You can't go wrong with either!

Girl Scout Cookies - Trefoils


White Chili - with chicken, northern beans, and other spices - and Samoas are a scrumptious combo.

If you like a little cinnamon, the bowl of Cincinnati Chili gives your tastebuds a little flair. Add some Toffee-tastic cookies to munch on after you've polished off a bowl.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Black Bean Chili has a bit of a kick to it, so for dessert give your mouth a cool-down. Everyone's favorite, the Thin Mints, will please your palate.

We'll let you decide which other cookies like Tagalongs and S'Mores pair with which other chilis. And of course, don't forget the large menu of burgers, appetizers, sandwiches, and sides that can be creatively combined!

On Valentine's, you can purchase boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the evening. Follow the suggestions above or make your own pairing! Get them for dessert, or for a last minute Valentine's gift!

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