Staying Cool in the Cove

Staying Cool in the Cove

Struggling to survive the summer heat? If you find yourself attending Hot Yoga to cool off, it may be time for a cool treat. Big Cove has seven solutions to sate your sweet tooth, and four of them are perfect for hot summer days.

Best served below freezing, these venues offer ice cream, frozen yogurt, popsicles, and shaved ice to help you beat the heat:

Yogurt Mountain - With various flavors of frozen yogurt, a few ice cream and sherbet mixed in, and a crazy number of toppings, the self-serve dessert bar has near unlimited options for composing your cool sweet course.

Honeysuckle Corner - The newest sweet spot in Big Cove offers popsicles, ice cream, and Italian ice (soon) and is both walkable and bikeable from Hampton Cove, meaning you can cool off during your afternoon jaunt with a frozen treat.

Southerland Sno Depot - Sometimes you can’t top the traditional shaved ice. Special flavors and ingredients make for fun, creative offerings, like the Shark Attack (two gummy sharks and a Sour Patch kid swim in blue ice). Find it inside Interior Marketplace in the summer months!

Bruster’s Ice Cream - Real ice cream can be found at the food truck that is available near Hampton Cove Preschool at varying times. Add cookies, toppings, fruit, and more. The permanent location is at Jones Valley.

If you don’t need cold but still want sweet, don’t forget these options:

Angie Bakes Cakes - Tantalizing, homemade cakes get delivered regularly to the Interior Marketplace. Grab a slice for dessert after lunch at Marketplace Cafe!

Half Pints Donut Shop - New Hope’s top destination for donuts offers a fun, delicious variety. Plus, there are savory breakfast options, like kolaches and biscuits; hot or iced coffee; and a lunch menu.

Nothing Bundt Cakes - If you want a cake, but need more surface area for decoration and/or flavor, the bundtlets are a tasty, non-cold alternative to the frozen four above, and will be easily accessible once Daylight Cecil Ashburn Time comes to a close and you can traverse to Jones Valley.

Finally, one more bakery calls Big Cove its home, even though there’s not a brick-and-mortar space: Canadian Bakin. In addition to bagels and pretzels, the local bakery offers other tasty carbs, including some sweet ones like the brioche and sourdough. Pick them up at farmer’s markets around town, or schedule a pickup by ordering online.

If you’re looking for options open for July 4, Yogurt Mountain, Honeysuckle Corner, and Half Pints Donut Shop are all available!

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