Eight Ideas for the Proposed Cove Recreation Center

Eight Ideas for the Proposed Cove Recreation Center

Frances Akridge passed along to Cove Monkey that on Thursday, Huntsville city announced a plan to build a new $2M recreation facility in the Cove, near the corner of Taylor Ln and Taylor Rd.

The opportunities ahead of us need some say from the Cove residents and smart planning, but no matter what this should be a big boost to the area. Here are eight ideas we'd like to see in the recreation center:



Outdoor Activity - Fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, and other outdoor sports would be a welcome addition to the Cove. Tennis courts would allow for tennis and pickleball. An outdoor track would bring walkers, joggers, and athletes to a safe facility that could spur the emergence of the next Dr. Bannister.

DSC_0096 Indoor Activity - Large gyms that could house volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and more are staples of any community - especially a growing one like the Cove. An indoor track would provide all-season exercise opportunities.
Grand opening of Splash Pad / Inauguration officielle d’une aire de jeux d’eau Splash Pad - After this summer, don't you think the cool relief from a splash pad would be welcome by children and parents alike?
180225-F-YM181-014 Pool - Should Cecil Ashburn close, access to the pools at YMCA and Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center would be lost. And right now, kids do not have the ability to join a swim league here, but must venture over the mountain.
Ice Rink  

Ice Rink - I don't skate, but I'm told others enjoy moving on knives on ice. So, maybe we need one?

Basket 17  

Disc Golf - Now this I can do - throwing a flat, round thing into chained barrels is something that can be done no matter your physical fitness!


Playground - An area with swings, monkeybars, and more would complement the natural play area at Hays Preserve.

Ridgewood High School Band  

High School - No, I don't think a high school would fit here - but the facilities built here could be used some day by a high school that needed a smaller initial footprint!


In addition to the ideas about what's inside, there's also important planning to be considered for the outside of the rec center. How will access from Taylor Rd be controlled? Does a traffic light make sense, or could something like a roundabout or a smart turn lane be better? Would a walking path be available so those in the surrounding neighborhood could easily access the center? GrowCove, an association that liases with the city, hopes to address these questions, suggestions, and other concerns at an upcoming meeting soon. If you'd like to learn more about GrowCove, follow them on Facebook.

As seen on our Facebook page, residents in the Cove area are excited about the announcement and hopeful that well-thought out decisions are made in regards to the center's creation. What other ideas do you have that would fit well in the Cove's rec center?


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